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Misr International Hospital is a joint-stock company formed under law 43 concerning the Investment of Arab and Foreign funds, capitalized at £ E. 60 million. Its shareholders include 160  university professor and doctors specialized in all fields of medicine, the Egyptian banking sector and a number of Egyptian , Arab and foreign investors.The purpose of the company is to establish an international hospital in accordance with the highest standards of technology and equipped with the most...
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  Lifestyle Gym  
The essence of sports is sound health

The Spa:
The spa in misr international hospital is a first class resorts if one is  seeking physical and psychological rest and serenity then you have to come to resort then you can find sauna Jacuzzi steam room and agu massage

These are used to improve the repertory on gem. loose or increase body
Weight and tone the body muscles

Besides the above therapies there is body building and fitness
Misr International Hospital Spa:

Provides you all the above facilities by becoming a member in it.

The spa is equipped with highly qualities trainers and coaches to help members to a enjoy and achieve the utmost in any activity

The Massage:
A massage helps the body to relax after a long tires one day. And enable it to regenerate

This sport helps Mauro muscular coordination and enhances the intake of air and oxygen
Aerobics goes with a spinning session with helps to the body and carve it isles attractive self confidence

Kids corner:
Here children can enjoy the produce of gym with the help of specialized can enjoy lone bodies Mauro muscles coordination and physical balance which are easily picked up by children at suck early ages .