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Misr International Hospital is a joint-stock company formed under law 43 concerning the Investment of Arab and Foreign funds, capitalized at £ E. 60 million. Its shareholders include 160  university professor and doctors specialized in all fields of medicine, the Egyptian banking sector and a number of Egyptian , Arab and foreign investors.The purpose of the company is to establish an international hospital in accordance with the highest standards of technology and equipped with the most...
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  The processing of pharmaceutical medication prescribed from with be correct dose  and it delivering it to the patient at the right time one of the most important responsibilities of hospital pharmacists .

System design requires the distribution of medicines within the hospital study of all activities and taking into consideration all it takes drug distribution.

Begins the sequence of steps on the distribution of the drug from the moment of buying the drug from the source then follows logically planned to end with the patient take the drug.
Drug store:

Include drugs that are distributed to department in addition to the drugs that are used constantly like analgesics and drugs which are given before the surgery.
Works to dispensing to the following sections:-

  • The surgery room 
  • The clinics 
  • The Emergency 
  • Ambulances
  • The therapeutics floors 
  • The radiation places 
  • The MRI unit 
  • The radiology
  • The Dialysis unit 
  • The main hospital pharmacy 
  • The branch building hospital pharmacy 

The distribution of medicines in the pharmacy based on a prescription for each patient individually.

Also the pharmacies give service of dispense the prescription for outpatient clinics.