About us

About us

Misr International  Hospital is a joint-stock  company formed under law 43 concerning the  Investment of Arab and Foreign funds, capitalized at £ E. 60 million. Its shareholders include 160 university professor and doctors specialized in all fields of medicine, the Egyptian banking sector and a number of Egyptian, Arab and foreign investors.

The  purpose of the company is to establish an international  hospital in accordance with the highest standards of technology  and equipped with the  most modern and up-to-date  methods of diagnosis and therapy  in all  fields  of medicine .It is provided with the latest western scientific equipment from Europe and the United States.

The hospital is located in the heart of Cairo and Giza, making it easy to reach was established January  1983.

The hospital has more than 200 consultants and university professors in more than fifty general medical specialties.

The  hospital has 3 of  largest  medical buildings was  equipped  with  more than  250 electric beds with  all levels of accommodation in suites, single and double rooms, more than 40 beds, intensive care and isolation, 9 nurseries and 12 emergency beds.

The hospital currently receives more than  1500 entries and more than 30,000 patients in the outpatient clinic in all specialties monthly.

The hospital has l0 operating rooms equipped with state-of the-art  medical technology.

The hospital provides its patients with many foreign experts through an integrated program for visiting doctors.

Board Members

Dr. Abdel Fatah Nada

Board Member

Dr. Ismail Abol Fottouh

Board Member