The department of anesthesiology is the backbone of surgery, and we at MIH have taken care to keep pace with the advancement and new developments in this field.

Anesthesiology is the backbone of surgery. With the advancement of specialties, surgical skill and techniques, anesthesiology also improved and the Anesthesia Department at MIH have kept pace with it. The world-class operation theatres at MIH are equipped with cutting-edge technology to administer anesthesia. The department’s skilled and experienced team of Anesthetists, with their multi-disciplinary approach, focuses on the safety and comfort of patients undergoing surgical, diagnostic, interventional and endoscopic procedures. The department provides pain management for patients with chronic and disabling pain disorders.

The Operation Theatre Complex at MIH has 16 fully equipped world class OT Suites with stainless steel wall cladding in the interiors, anti-static flooring and laminar airflow air conditioning system with micro filters ensuring zero percentage infection.

Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care is dedicated to provision of quality critical care, management of critically ill patients and anesthetic/peri-operative management of complex surgeries.

It is a team of highly qualified and experienced specialists working together with motto of providing unmatched care to our patients, thus ensuring the patients safety, in a well-informed manner.

The critical areas of hospital are under the care of critical care team, led by the Intensivists having state of the art equipment at their disposal to provide the highest quality of care by any standards. Hospital critical care areas include: Medical Intensive Care Unit, Coronary Care Unit, Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and High Dependency Unit and all these departments are equipped with latest machinery including Ventilators, Echocardiography USG and ABG (in house) and latest monitoring techniques including Cardiac Output Monitors.

The Anesthesia Department handles all surgical cases including high risk cases. The department is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment including anesthesia workstations. The anesthesia services are available round the clock for all emergency cases by the anesthesia team which is well qualified and trained. The team ensures the patient care from pre-anesthetic check-up to post op recovery and care.


Cardiac Anesthesia

Cardiac surgery is one of the most complex procedures that require utmost care. We ensure quality anesthetic care with specific attention to detail, focusing on patient safety and accurate result.

Department of Cardiac Anesthesia, a division of Anesthesia Department of this hospital has been providing care for children and adults with various forms of congenital and acquired heart diseases as well as those with thoracic (lung and mediastinum) and vascular surgeries (major blood vessel diseases).

The division provide a uniform dedicated team-based care. The team care for patients in the operating room, Cardio Thoracic Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, as well as patients of other invasive and noninvasive diagnostics and therapeutic procedures.