A stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is interrupted by a blockage in the blood supply or when there is a hemorrhage due to a burst blood vessel.

If a patient has suffered or is suffering a stroke, they may experience weakness or paralysis in an arm and or leg, difficulty speaking, lost vision in part of the visual field or complain of numbness and / or tingling down one side of the body. It is imperative to seek urgent medical advice if any one of these events occur by dialing 16010

The Stroke Unit at the MIH in Egypt provides optimum care for the full range of problems a stroke or neurological event can cause.

Patient rooms have space for family and visitors who are always welcome, as we believe they are an important part of the stroke patient’s support network.

The MIH stroke unit center is an ideal place for family to wait while patient’s receive frequent treatments and progress checks from Consultants, nursing staff, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other members of our specialist team.

Our Physiotherapy Unit has dedicated staff specializing in stroke and neurological rehabilitation. With a fully equipped gym and treatment areas, therapy is available to all patients both on the ward and in the physio unit. Treatments are available after discharge on an outpatient basis and at home.

The Stroke Unit has access to the full range of facilities and services available at the Hospital of MIH including state-of-the-art imaging including the latest MRI and CT scanners, comprehensive non-invasive cardiology, quick turnaround blood tests and pathology.

The Stroke Unit is a specialized unit committed to providing the most effective and successful forms of treatments to rehabilitate patients. Treatment is patient-specific but our range of services are uniquely housed under one roof, making the entire process more comfortable for patients.

Please contact us if you would like a tour of the Stroke Unit, so that you can see the benefits of coming to our world-class, private Hospital for stroke care and rehabilitation.